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Universal Roofing Johannesburg:

Business hours: Monday to Friday, 7a.m. to 17:00 p.m.

Tel: 011 708 7474

Tel: 011 708 4024

Neotel: 011 025 4124



Universal Roofing Pretoria:

Business hours: Monday to Friday, 7a.m. to 17:00 p.m.

Tel:    012 653 7227

Tel:    012 653 7228

Neotel: 012 751 4081



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Waterproofing Contractors: Uni-Flexx waterproofing system provides a 100% water tight application also acting as a heat barrier which keeps the underlying residence/rooms cooler in summer. Uni-Flexx waterproofing system contains a UV barrier which prolongs the life span of the product. Waterproofing of all types of surfaces and substrates is our specialty and one of our core business features. We have been in the waterproofing business for over 25 years.

All WATERPROOFING work is guaranteed and we have a long list of satisfied customers. We waterproof house roofs including flat roofs, concrete slab roofs, pitched tiled roofs, balconies, skylights, parapet walls, sidewalls, chimneys and chimney flashings, leaking chimneys, plumbing vent pipes, dome skylights, plumbing inspection covers, tiled roofs, roof ridging, IBR roofs, corrugated roofs and box gutters.



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imagesİ Universal Roofing 1990 - 2017