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Residential, Commercial + Industrial Specialist Roof Reports.

Are you buying or selling a Property? We provide expert roof advice and roof reports that are accepted by insurers and banks. Don't be left out in the Dark - get a roof report today. Roof Repairs are often an unforeseen expense - especially when buying property in winter only to find that the roof is leaking during the rain season?

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions about your roof, you should get a roof report without delay:

Is my roof sagging?

Does the roof look faded and in need of some work?

Are there noises coming from inside my roof?

Has my ceiling started sagging?

Are my fascia boards or gutters 'loose'?

Is there a dripping sound inside the roof when it rains?

Many roofs leak slowly! The leaks may go un-noticed owing to thirsty ceiling insulation! Even dripping sounds may be muffled by ceiling insulation. One may notice mould on the ceiling panels and a damp patch may appear on the ceilings - It may be too late! Often the timber roof structure shows early signs of a water leak before the leak is visible on the interior - all the more reason why a roof should be inspected every 3 years.

All roof reports include photos of roof interior / exterior and are delivered via email.


Professional Service

Expert Advice

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Competitive Pricing

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Member of The Gauteng Master Builders Association


Roof Report Rates:


Small Residence - R 2750-00 Excl VAT

Medium Residence - R 3500-00 Excl VAT

Large Residence - R 4250-00 Excl VAT

Commercial on Premises - Rates Dependant


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Universal Roofing is a proud and good standing member of the Dampproofing and Waterproofing Association of South Africa and Senior Members of the Gauteng Master Builders Association.


Have you been up on your roof lately?

Here are some roofs that need urgent repairs:

We also repair all types of roof's including leaking roofs, damaged roofs, sagging roofs and ceilings, flashings (around skylights, parapet and sidewalls, chimneys, ducts and vents). We also repair and replace rotten and damaged timber and restore roof trusses, brandering and ceilings to their original condition. Flat concrete roof's are no problem for our highly experienced team. Although we have been in business for over 19 years, our techniques remain at the forefront of waterproofing technology and our long guarantees stand testimony to this.

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Our professional guttering department will take care of all your guttering needs. Our gutters are customized and manufactured onsite. This ensures that all our gutters are fitted to your roof in pristine condition, with no transport damage.

The best practice for roof maintenance is an inspection of your roof every 3 years, even if you don't detect a leak. Broken tiles, cracked tiles, rusted screws and bolts and sun damaged waterproofing can leave your roof vulnerable and open to nesting insects such as termites who love damp wood, structural damage from rotten timber and an easy target for criminals who see an easy entrance to your home or business.

Please feel free to comment on our products and services and any information contained on our website. Please send comments to:


Please feel free to comment on our products and services and any information contained on our website. Please send comments to:


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