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    Universal Roofing are Senior Members of the Dampproofing and Waterproofing Association of South Africa and also the Gauteng Master Builders Association.

    Above all, as expert waterproofers, Universal Roofing focuses on home, commercial, and factory waterproofing projects, including:

    Waterproofing and repairs to:

    • Concrete slab roofs
    • Pitched tiled roofs
    • IBR steel roofs
    • Corrugated steel roofs
    • Harvey tiled roofs
    • Asbestos roofs
    • Fibre cement roofs
    • Cliplock steel roofs
    • Polycarbonate roof and installation
    • Tiled balconies
    • Chimneys and chimney flashings
    • Box gutters
    • Roof ridging repairs
    • Valleys
    • Parapet walls
    • Sidewall flashing
    • Leaking chimneys
    • Plumbing vent pipes
    • Skylights
    • Ceiling Installation and Repairs