Uni-Flexx Waterproofing

Universal Roofing’s unique, in-house formulated waterproofing system Uni-Flexx. Which is a cold-applied, waterproofing polymer. Was used to waterproof all of the valleys and ridging, on this beautiful one-story pitched roof house. Which is situated within the Barbourtown Estate property. As this waterproofing is cold-applied our waterproofing contractors were able to administer the system using paintbrushes. This created as little noise pollution as possible for the residents below. After the waterproofing membrane and Uni-flexx system had been finished and had fully dried. Subsequently, the waterproofed areas of the roof were painted to match the current roof colouring. Most importantly, this comprehensive service ensures that the roof keeps an aesthetically pleasing look but also safeguards against cracks and leaks.


The 8 panel pyramid skylight which was situated on the flat concrete roof which had been newly waterproofed was also resealed using black industrial nitrous oxide skylight silicone.



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