Residential, Commercial, and Industrial – Specialist Roof Reports.

Are you considering buying or selling a Property? 

We provide professional roof reports and expert roof advice, as a result, Banks and Insurers accept our high-quality roof reports. Moreover, we are highly experienced in our field and can repair or replace any roofing issue that may show up on the initial inspection. 

Why do you need to get a roof report, before making a final purchase offer?

Roof Repairs are often an unforeseen expense – especially when buying a property in winter only to find that the roof is leaking during the rainy season.

For Instance:

  1. If your Roof or Ceiling is sagging?
  2. The roof looks faded and in need of some work?
  3. Noises are coming from inside your roof?
  4. Are my fascia boards or gutters ‘loose’?
  5. There is a dripping sound inside the roof when it rains?
  6. Is there rotting timber visible below the eaves?

You should book a full roof inspection report. Firstly, because catching a problem early can prevent extra costs later, and secondly for insurance purposes.

Above all, your roof should be inspected and maintained every 3 years. 

Therefore, you should contact Universal Roofing now for:

  • Professional Service
  • Expert Advice
  • Highly Experienced and Friendly Staff
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Well Established Roofing Company (30+ Years)
  • Member of The Gauteng Master Builders Association
  • Member of The Dampproofing and Waterproofing Association
  • All roof reports include photos of the roof interior/exterior and are delivered via email.

Roof Report Rates:

Small Residence – R 3 600-00 Excl VAT

Medium Residence – R 4 000-00 Excl VAT

Large Residence – R 4 500-00 Excl VAT

Commercial and Industrial Premises – Rates Dependent

Quotation for estate agents subject to a fee of R1500.00 excl vat, no free call out.
In-depth reports with photos subject to a fee as per roof report rates, stated above.

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A friendly consultant will arrange a convenient date and time for a representative to meet you on site for a free inspection. No delays – once you sign and e-mail your quotation back to us, your order will be allocated to our professional maintenance teams. We have over 60 vehicles in our fleet, and approximately 2km of ladders!