While some of us dedicate time and energy to the design of our roof, others move into a spot with one already established. Irrespective of which category you fall under, the type of roofing materials you’ve chosen or have been dealt with, will require different amounts of attention.

Take tiled roofs, for example. Not only are you spoilt for choice with a variety of colours, they’re also known for their strength, durability, and for being rust and corrosion-resistant.

That’s not to say they can fend for themselves, however. Proper care and maintenance are still required to keep tiles in tip-top shape, especially when a roof ridge is involved.

What is a Roof Ridge?

The ridge is where your tiles meet to create a ‘peak’ at the top of your roof. In other words, the highest point of your home. They’re usually made with slate, clay, or concrete depending on which supplier you choose, and were originally designed to keep out the rain.

Roof Ridge Repair

Speaking of, despite its role of keeping water out, often it’s the very cause of any damage that incurs. When installed, the ridge gets grouted and cemented into position making it susceptible to roof leaking. These types of roofs also expand and contract in various conditions which often leads to house ceiling cracks.

If anything, cracks are what you want to avoid as they can result in your roof tiles becoming loose. And if that happens, so do unforeseen cases of water ingression, rotting, and a sagging ceiling. Fortunately, a roof maintenance checklist is all you need to avoid any damage.

Roof Maintenance  

Roof ridging needs to be checked every 2 to 3 years and maintained every 2 to 4 years depending on the type of tiled roof one has. See? It’s not as bad as you thought. The main thing you’ll be checking for during this time is any water ingression. This doesn’t always show on the ceiling inside the house so often people aren’t even aware that it’s happening. Here are a few other items to consider adding to your checklist:

  • Wash your roof regularly
  • Clean out the gutters
  • Check for interior signs of ceiling damage
  • Look for loose or missing tiles
  • Check for water stains
  • Inspect your chimney quality (if applicable)
  • Bring in a roofing contractor

Waterproofing Solutions

If you’re to ensure the sustainability of your roof ridging long-term, waterproofing solutions are the answer. One such example is our Uni-Flexx waterproofing system; a reliable water-tight application that puts an end to any unseen and unnoticed leaks. It differs from other solutions in that it has a cold-applied polymer coating, its heat-resistance thanks to the formulas UV barrier, and is eco-friendly thanks to its ability to clean the air and reduce pollution.

Regular maintenance and expert waterproofing will prolong your roof’s lifespan. As expert waterproofing contractors and roof repair specialists, we provide obligation-free quotes and basic site inspections. Contact us for all your roofing needs.