Universal Roofing’s services include waterproofing and tiling of roofing structures. However, this is only one of our fortes. We are a full-service domestic and commercial waterproofing company. We are often called out to complete balcony repairs and assist with the damage caused by damp.

Puddles of rain trickle between the tiling, causing damage to the under-laying cement slab through old or inferior waterproofing systems. This damp often seeps into the walls below and causes cracks and mold to form. Another unfortunate side effect of the standing water is the staining and fading of the balcony tiles.

Re-tiling and waterproofing the balcony.

Just such a case occurred with a client from Hurlingham, who on the advice of a former satisfied Universal Roofing customer contacted us. 

Our Hurlingham client’s balcony had all the tell-tail signs of waterproofing in need of repair. Stained tiles from pools of rainwater, the patio ceiling, and walls beneath had peeling, bubbling, and cracking paint which are all signs of damp. 

To repair these problems first we had to get to the damage. This involved the removal of the floor tiling and old waterproofing systems, which was chopped out to expose the untreated raw cement slab. The cleaning and waterproofing preparation was then able to begin. Whereby we repaired the screed where necessary. Then used our patented Uni-bond primer, to ensure that our Uni-flexx cold-applied waterproofing solution was fully bonded. The 100% watertight seal would prevent any future leaks or damp issues. We also built up a slight slant on the balcony and core drilled new outlets to allow rainwater to drain without seeping through the tiles.

Bitumen Maintenance and repair.

The same client also required waterproofing to their boarded bitumen roof which was covered in crushed stones. Universal Roofing completed maintenance work to the existing bitumen. Re-sealing all de-laminating lap joints, and re-fusing areas where cracks were occurring. It was decided, in conjunction with the client. Above all, to ensure a long-lasting solution, the bitumen would then be coated with our Uni-bond primer and patented Eco-friendly waterproofing solution “Eco-flexx”. Subsequently the crushed stones were reinstated completion.


A friendly consultant will arrange a convenient date and time for a representative to meet you on site for a free inspection. No delays – once your quotation is signed and e-mailed back to us, your order will be allocated to one of our professional maintenance teams. We have over 60 vehicles in our fleet, and approximately 2km of ladders!