Roofing contractors are defined as a “tradespeople who specialise in roof construction. Roofers replace, repair, and install the roofs of buildings“.

Universal Roofing has the best roofing contractors in the business. We are experts in the fields of waterproofing, roof repair, skylight and ceiling installations as well as painting. It is no wonder that South Africa has trusted us to complete their roofing projects for more than 25 years.

Why Use A Professional Roofer?

When their roof started to leak after a few patch jobs, our client went in search of a roofing contractor. They decided that they needed some professional repair work on their patched waterproofing and roof ridges. 

Universal Roofing was the best choice due to our reputation as industry-leading experts and impeccable service record.

The client, who had previously used roofing companies who employed small patches, to repair the damaged waterproofing and roof ridges. Was advised to get a complete re-screed of the flat roofing and a full overhaul of the waterproofing on the roof ridges by Universal Roofing. This was to ensure that the roof will remain leak-free. 

To complete the job the first step on the flat roofing was the removal of the old patches. Which, if left, may lift the new waterproofing. This would cause a breach of the watertight seal creating new leaks. Thereafter the new screed was mixed and leveled at a slight incline allowing water to run off into the outlets. Reducing the chance of creating stagnant puddles from rainwater on the roof. 

Torch-On Waterproofing

The screed was primed and prepared for the torch-on thermoflex waterproofing, following the placement of the solid foundation.

A thick rubberized – waterproofing material, thermoflex is heat applied or torched-on to flat roofing surfaces. Acting as a base layer, which was then covered with silver sealant paint. The use of heat applied waterproofing and sliver sealant stops the underlying screed/cement from absorbing any moisture and was used to ensure a fully leakproof waterproofing solution for the client.

Waterproofing Roof Ridges

Previously a waterproofing membrane was used to patch the roof ridges. This membrane was loose, having lost its seal. Which allowed the concrete in the ridges to crack and create leaks.

The waterproofing membrane was removed to avoid future lifting and loosening of the liquid polymer waterproofing that was to be applied. On rare occasions the cracks within the roof ridging will be so large that they will require the reinforcement of a 50mm reinforced waterproofing membrane.

However generally speaking Universal Roofing’s unique, Uni-flexx liquid polymer waterproofing solution will sufficiently breach the cracks, creating a watertight seal. The ridges were painted to achieve a close colour match, once all the waterproofing was completed. Creating a seamless, leak-free roofing solution.


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