When should you call in a professional roofing company?

We all feel the safest in our homes. They are our shelter, our place of respite in difficult times.

However, the unexpected happens on occasion and shatters our comfort and peace of mind, although we all feel our home is impenetrable. That beautiful tree outside your window may pose an unforeseen risk.

How does roofing become damaged:

Along with every day, potential hazards to your roof:

  • hail
  • heavy rainfall
  • and sunlight

Falling trees and wind-blown debris are the most common causes of damage to all roofing structures. This poses a major concern for any homeowner.

There are many reasons for trees to fall which include; previously cracked branches giving way, lightning strikes, strong winds, or the trees getting old.

Recently a client of Universal Roofing found themselves in this situation.

Universal Roofing - roofing company
Universal Roofing - roofing company (15)
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Universal Roofing - roofing company (9)

The damage to the roofing structure:

Most of the damage was absorbed by the roof trusses, which was fortunate for the homeowners. This kept interior damage to a minimum. However, due to the trusses and brandering taking the brunt of the force from the fallen tree. The safest course of action was to replace all of the damaged truss ends.

To reduce the possibility of the roof collapsing Replacement of all of the smashed roof tiles and under-tile brandering was also completed, . Another element that was severely mangled was the guttering which Universal Roofing fully replaced with chromadek guttering and downpipes.

roof tile repair
Universal Roofing - guttering repair
roof repairs

So what should you do in the event of your roof being damaged?

The first thing to do is to contact a professional roofing company.

The roofing contractor will assess your roof and then provide you with a quote to repair all of the damage that was caused. They will also take relevant pictures of the damage and may suggest that you contact an arborist or tree surgeon to remove the debris safely, creating minimal further damage to the roof as possible.

Recognized by all leading insurance companies, Universal Roofing should be your first choice if your insurance company is paying for the repairs. Universal Roofing is the correct company to contact in any situation where roof repair or waterproofing is needed due to our years of industry experience. 

Safety Tip* Always use a professional roofing contractor to assess your roof. Parts of the roof may not be safe to stand on or under due to the structural damage. Not using a professional roofing contractor to inspect and complete roof repairs can compound roof damage.

We also issue Waterproofing and Roof Repair Guarantee Certificates which are accepted by Insurance Companies.


A friendly consultant will arrange a convenient date and time for a representative to meet you on site for a free inspection. No delays – once your quotation is signed and e-mailed back to us, your order will be allocated to one of our professional maintenance teams. We have over 60 vehicles in our fleet, and approximately 2km of ladders!