Colour has been proven to have an effect on our psyche. It can inspire, excite, calm, frustrate, or even anger us. So, when you’re choosing the colours for your interior walls, it’s important to choose something that 1) suits your personality, 2) is classic and won’t date quickly, and 3) has the right effect on your mood and feelings. The internal paint colour trends for 2019 are the ideal palate to combine all of these aspects.

Here are some of hottest internal paint colour trends for 2019:

Dark Green

Green, in general, is restful and soothing to be around. In fact, some even believe that it has healing effects and can help in reducing stress. Plus, dark green looks amazing when paired with vibrant red and maroon tones, black, orange, yellow, grey, white, royal blue and navy.  The natural association to forests and mountains makes dark green ideal for well-lit rooms, but can work in a smaller room if there are mirrors and windows.


Kitchens and bathrooms look gorgeous in soft, muted pastels because they’re light and neutral. Pastel colours also pair well with many other shades, including more vibrant versions of themselves. For example, a soft pastel pink can be beautiful with fuchsia blinds or hot-pink candles.  Pastels tend to be an easier commitment, as they don’t make as bold a statement as other, more vibrant colours.

Charcoal Blue

It wasn’t long ago that charcoal was the hottest colour out there. In 2019, this is revved up with a slightly more vibrant blue undertone. It has a similar effect of drawing attention away from the actual wall and onto the pictures, mirrors, colours, and textures of the room. Contrary to what you may expect, it actually makes spaces look larger, because it draws the eye away from the wall. And, of course, blue is one of the really hot internal paint colour trends for.


A deep golden mustard is ideal for an accent wall in a house that wants to make a statement. It’s classy, different, and inspires conversation and creativity. In small amounts, mustard goes stunningly with charcoal, black and electric blue.

Warm Beiges and Browns

Don’t stop reading yet – this isn’t a 70’s revival of oranges and browns. Rather, the internal paint colour trends for 2019 is focussed more on sunny versions of beiges and biscuits. These muted terra cottas and caramels are earthy, rustic, and warm; but minimalist and modern at the same time. Under this umbrella of colour, slightly cooler mushroom tones are also fabulous for accent walls in rooms with a lot of natural materials.

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