Painting your home is so exciting. Without having to build or renovate, your entire space can take on a brand new look and feel. But, with so many house painters in Sandton and the rest of Johannesburg, it can be a tough choice deciding on who will transform your home. We’ve put together some questions to ask potential painters to narrow down your search for the pros.

What questions should you ask?

Do you have insurance?

Insurance (especially something like workmen’s compensation) is expensive, so some painting contractors neglect them. If this is the case, the costs of damage or injury could fall on your shoulders. Check the policy and make sure that it is authentic and up to date.

What materials do you use? Are you doing two coats? How thickly do you apply each coat?

Some painters use thinner paints and only apply one coat to reduce their consumption (and costs). Others use inferior brands.  This only means a waste of money for you and having to repeat the job much sooner.  Thicker paints can withstand the sun and rain of Gauteng very effectively. The instructions will have information on how thickly to apply each paint brand and what the expected life expectancy of the paint is.

Who is your crew?

Make sure that you understand whether they are sub-contractors, employees, or casuals. Can the company provide background checks and references on the painters that will be working on your home? If not, it’s best to avoid them. These painters will be in and around your home and family; it’s important that you feel safe.

How will you protect my home from damage?

Painters need to have materials and techniques in place to keep from damaging your walls, floors, carpeting, gutters, furniture, cars and gardens.

Can I have references?

Asking house painters in Sandton for references is a perfectly acceptable way to gain insight into other people’s experiences with them. You can also check sites like HelloPeter for objective feedback from past clients.

Who will manage my project?

Often, it is not the person that meets with you and discusses what you’d like done that manages your specific job. So, be sure that you understand and are happy with the role of each person and how they will communicate with you and one another.

Have your painters been trained properly?

In South Africa, there are many casuals that claim to be able to paint. But, without formal training, they may quickly make some obvious mistakes (at your expense). They need to understand the different products and techniques to produce a professional result. They also need training in basic safety practices so that there is less chance of them being injured (or worse) on site.

Can you give me an estimate of the job?

A professional painter should be able to give you an approximate price bracket. They should know fairly soon whether it’s a R25 000, a R50 000, or a R100 000 job. Of course, this estimate then needs to be formalised and provided in writing before you commit to the job, but this will help you to get an idea.

What are your payment terms?

Most painters will require a deposit to secure the job and, possibly, buy the materials. Make sure that you understand the full payment terms and feel secure with them before signing on the dotted line. Never pay for the full job until it is complete and you are happy with the quality.

When will it need to be repainted again?

Good quality exterior paints and applications should last for about 15 years. If the painter claims that it will only last a year or it’ll be good for 50 years, your alarm bells should ring. Either he is making empty promises, or he doesn’t understand the product.

Do you have any questions?

Make sure that your painter understands the job requirements and that he can deliver on it.

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