Universal Roofing was called out to assist our client, Gina Butra, from Dainfern with leak repair and waterproofing. Gina’s skylight was leaking and her balcony also needed to be waterproofed.

Before waterproofing

As can be seen in the below “before” images. There are areas of the balcony where the tiles show obvious signs of damp and damage. 

Firstly, in preparation for the waterproofing procedure. We decided that the best course of action would be to chop out all of the tiles. Secondly, we cleaned the balcony and built up our waterproofing base. Because we found evidence of sagging/uneven surfaces in some areas, ensuring that the preparation was done was particularly necessary for this project. 

During waterproofing

The balcony was then fully waterproofed, including underneath the aircon. This ensured that any leaking from the aircon would not affect the balcony beneath. To improve the through-flow for stormwater. The 2 existing stormwater outlets were made larger. To do this the Universal Roofing team used a core drilling technique. The holes were also waterproofed to ensure that the water did not create damp near these holes. 

Leak Repair of the skylight

Most importantly, to repair the problem of leaks within the home, coming from the skylight. We were able to reseal the skylight, creating a watertight installation for the client. As a result, of the extensive knowledge of Universal Roofing and the excellent workmanship that they produced, all leaks were sorted out and the client was very happy with the completed work.  


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