Roof Waterproofing and Restoration

How to avoid a Roof Restoration?

When buying a house, the last thing on your mind is “will the roof last through the coming years”. We just accept that our new roof will be able to protect us from storms and inclement weather. Our home should keep us warm and safe for decades to come. However, this is not always the case. If you have already purchased your home and did not get your roof inspected before, you should get it inspected now.

If you are currently looking at making a home purchase these are the questions to ask yourself: 

  • When was that roof last inspected? 
  • Does it have any hidden leaks? 
  • Is the wooden brandering warped or rotting? 
  • When was waterproofing maintenance last carried out?

What is a Roof Restoration?

What is the difference between restoring a roof and getting roof repairs done?

A roof restoration goes beyond just roof repair. Roof repair may be carried out on a tiny section of the roof, fixing only specific problem areas. Restoration, on the other hand, takes a look at the roof as a whole. Taking into account everything from the insulation and brandering up to the tiles and waterproofing. It is not as extensive or costly as a full roof replacement but is more effective than having multiple roof repairs carried out.

The roof inspection and quoting process?

The first step in getting your roof restored is to book your obligation-free quotation with Universal Roofing. Once your inspection is complete you will be issued a quotation. After the quotation is signed and e-mailed back, as well as the payment terms met, we will schedule your roof restoration.

In the case of a recent client, this involved the following:

Mr. V recently purchased a beautiful property in the Fairland area, only to find that the roof needed a full restoration.

To repair or restore the roof :

The roof displayed some serious defects, which needed to be addressed. For instance, the roof ridging was cracked, and the lap joints and flashing plates of the chimney were lifting, this created a pathway for leaks and water ingress. This continued damp had already done damage to the roof insulation and the timber brandering, causing it to warp and grow mould in places, as well as weakening the overall structure of the roof.

Due to the extent of this damage, it was decided, in conjunction with the homeowners, that tiles of the roof should be stripped back and new insulation and timber brandering should be utilized where necessary. The roofing tiles were set aside for re-use with the exception of any broken or damaged tiles which were replaced.

Once the new insulation and brandering were installed, the cracked roof ridging was sealed and the chimney lap joints, as well as the two skylights, were waterproofed. This ensured a 100% watertight seal and was done to avoid a similar situation in the future.

Waterproofing and Painting :

The main roof had wooden meranti cladding which was also damaged due to rain and inclement weather. Our waterproofing experts proceeded to clean and prepare the cladding, which was then waterproofed and painted to blend with the rest of the roofing. To ensure that there was no chance damp the parapet wall below this cladding was also waterproofed.

Contact Universal Roofing for details:

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