So your IBR roof is leaking, what now?

Universal Roofing is an expert in the repair and waterproofing of all roof types. Most importantly, when discussing roof leaks one must consider the products and quality of the roof waterproofing. 

IBR in particular is very susceptible to not only dents but also rust. Which often develops due to the steel nature of this roofing material. As these roofs age they produce rust. If not caught and treated early, this can develop into holes. Over time this can lead to further leaks. Another area of venerability for IBR is around the roof screws used to hold the roof sheeting in place, as well as faulty lap-joints. If not sealed correctly they can also lead to leaks.


To repair and waterproof an IBR roof can be a labour intensive and difficult to accomplish. However, when done correctly it can double the lifespan of the roof.

When we began the restoration of our clients roofing it was in a rather sorry state. The IBR sheeting had dents and buckling, many of the lap-joints were lifting. There was peeling paint in various places and rust had started to form, many of the screws had also been improperly waterproofed.

The IBR sheets had to be cleaned, prepared and sanded down to get rid of any loose and flaking roof paint, before treatment and waterproofing could be done. The IBR roof was treated with an Anti-Corrosive Grey Oxide Steel Primer  to eradicate the surface rust and ensure a solid grip for the subsequent waterproofing material.

We re-secured and waterproofed all screws using our Uni-Flexx Polymer fully bonded cold applied waterproofing system. As well as  the sidewall flashings, headwall flashings and around 24 solar panel brackets. The roof had some lose sheets and damaged sections that had to be fixed and sealed.

We then installed a custom galvanized U-cover flashing in order to flash off the back of the chimney which was then waterproofed it into position.

The final step was to paint the waterproofing to match the roof color using UV Resistant Acrylic roof paint.


Regular maintenance and expert waterproofing will prolong your roofs lifespan. As expert waterproofing contractors and roof repair specialists. We provide obligation free quotes and basic site inspections. Get the tried, tested and trusted solution for your roofing needs, contact Universal Roofing today.


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