It’s that time of year again rain is never far off, which means roof leaks aren’t either. Now is the time to start looking for a waterproofing contractor in Gauteng. You could be tempted to opt out this year. Maybe you feel that your home is adequately prepared. Perhaps you have not noticed any roof leaks yet. 

In reality, water ingress into your roof may be unforeseen initially and it may only take one heavy rainfall to cause damage to your home. To help you focus on the reason waterproofing is necessary, here are some interesting waterproofing and roof leak facts.

Why do roof leaks occur? 

Improper waterproofing

    • When a roof is incorrectly waterproofed it does not create the watertight seal necessary to keep water out. The waterproofing can also crack and peel which may lead to more roofing issues in the long run.

Lack of maintenance

    • When waterproofing and roofs are not regularly maintained or damage is not detected early, this may lead to more extensive repairs being required due to consequential damages.

Storm damage

    • Storm damage is caused when high winds, hail, or heavy rain leads to leaks through cracked or broken roof tiles and ridges.
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Universal Roofing - Roof Leak - Roof Maintenance
Universal Roofing - Roof Leak - Storm Damage

How do roof leaks affect you?

Ceilings and fixtures within your home are susceptible to water damage from roof leaks. Depending on the nature and severity of the leak, your home will be affected in different ways.  

Leaks can cause damage to ceilings in the form of dark stains and bubbling paint or plaster. Leaks can also saturate roof insulation which, is one of the the main causes of sagging ceilings. Damp insulation may also affect ceiling mounted lights and fans. Prolonged exposure to water will rot and warp roof timber. Causing damage to the structural integrity of the roofing. 

All of the above are important reasons to waterproof your home, as protecting your ceilings and fixtures will save on costly future repairs.

Ceiling Not Waterproofed

Are roof leaks dangerous to your health?

In short, the answer is YES. Mildew, mould, and bacteria generally thrive in damp environments. The spores can pose a danger to the health of people living within the home. Often these fungi develop due to leaks and inadequate waterproofing of the roof. A lack of appropriate waterproofing allows rainwater to sit within the roof insulation and creates the ideal environment for bacteria to grow. Some of these spores may also be pathogens, allergens, or could be harmful in other ways. Reducing the possibility of damp, through the right waterproofing solution is the best way to keep your family safe.

When constant moisture is present, these dangerous and unsightly growths are stubborn and almost impossible to remove. These growths become especially problematic where moisture infiltrates air ducts and carpets.

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