Universal Roofing recently had the opportunity to work on one of Dainfern’s top homes. The height of style and sophistication. This property required a roof and ceiling plan that fit in with its unique character.

Outdoor Roofing Style - Monarch Marley
Monarch Marley Roof Tile

Roofing Style

The flowing roman architecture of doors and windows, lent themselves beautifully to the Monarch Marley Roof Tiles.  Painted in a subdued biscuit colour;  The roof was sealed with our unique Eco-Flexx polymer cold applied waterproofing system, as a preventative maintenance measure. This was done before the roof paint was applied to ensure a neat clean finish. The stunning combination of Monach tiles, neat waterproofing and a professional paintjob , creates an eye catching feature and a durable long term roofing system.

Blending seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of the property. The Monarch Marley tile is a particularly functional roof tile and has all the benefits of interlocking concrete tile technology. While still providing the clean lines and rustic feel of traditional roofing.

Take a look at our video below, to see how we applied the final touches:

Ceiling Design

The Ceilings posed a unique design challenge, with the owner wanting something unconventional and noteworthy. The modern style still needed to fit in with the elegant taste of the home. Universal Roofing’s team decided to use a stepped circular approach in the breakfast nook to create a visually interesting layout. In the outdoor terrace area a semi-circular ceiling was used to give the illusion of a panoramic view. In contrast the lounge and dining area required a straight beamed approach. This leads the eye around the interior space, as well as providing structural support for the second floor.

Interior Dining Area - Ceiling
Ceiling - Breakfast nook landscape
Interior Ceiling Repair Lounge

Skylights Roofing

Due to the size and layout of this home, introducing natural light to the center of the property became essential. The Universal Roofing team, decided that a boxed pyrimyd Skylight would be the perfect solution to this problem. Installed in the center of the roofing structure and leading through the second floor. This beautiful feature tastefully creates the right amount of natural light, while still ensuring that the space feels open and bright upon entering. Another great benefit of Skylights is their eco-friendly way of lighting a home.

3 Arch's and a Skylight - Universal Roofing
Pyramid Skylight - Universal Roofing
Pyramid Skylight - Universal Roofing

Seamless Guttering

With the multi-layered nature of the roof on this home, seamless guttering was the best option. Seamless gutters have minimal joints; are  less maintenance. This means that the roof will have improved protection from constant drips and water staining. Another great thing with sufficient guttering is due to the lack of seams is that they are less likely to trap water. Trapped water often leads to the nesting of bugs like mosquitoes and other insects.

Seamless Guttering - Universal Roofing
Seamless Guttering - Close Up - Universal Roofing
Seamless Guttering - Run off - Universal Roofing

Overall this project achieved the ultimate goal of creating a seamlessly beautiful aesthetic. While providing all the necessary features to ensure the longevity of the roofing investment with low maintenance costs.


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