Why hire a waterproofing professional?

When it comes to your home or business, the last thing you want to worry about is having your ceiling leak onto your possessions and equipment. This can mean not only will you be required to replace all of your items. You may also need to hire a professional painter for assistance with painting your ceilings. Waterproofing can help reduce the possibility of disaster before its too late.

People often do not realize how important roof inspection and maintenance is. Even if you haven’t spotted a leak yet, in the harsh south African climate, roofs should be inspected at least every 3 years. Water damage can be devastating to any home owner or business. By the time you spot the tell-tale signs of a problem from inside the building, there may already be much more extensive damage on or inside your roof.

When do you need a roof inspection?

If you can answer any of these questions with a “yes” then you need to book a roof inspection immediately.

  • Does my roof look damaged?
  • Is the Paint faded or in need of touch-ups?
  • Can I hear any dripping or other noises from inside my roof?
  • Has my ceiling started sagging?
  • Are my fascia boards or gutters ‘loose’?

Where do the waterproofing professional from Universal Roofing stand out from the crowd?

Here at Universal Roofing, we pride ourselves on service excellence. We have over 25 years experience in the roofing industry.

When you need a roof repair or waterproofing professional Universal Roofing’s team is the gold standard for quality.

  • We are licensed by the Waterproofing and damp proofing association of south Africa.
  • All of our teams are highly trained waterproofing professionals and we provide waterproofing and roof repair guarantees.
  • We are also the only waterproofing company in south Africa, to manufacture our own waterproofing products in house.

What makes our waterproofing product so special?

When searching for the perfect waterproofing product to meet our high standards. We discovered that it was not readily available on the market. In keeping with our motto of “service excellence” we decided to make our own.

What we came up with are waterproofing solutions, that can stand up to the toughest tests the climate throws at them.

Our polyurethane based Uni-flexx is designed to create a water-tight bond to the roof substrate. This waterproofing System also contains a heat barrier, so will assist in keeping underlying rooms cool during the sweltering summer months. Uni-Flexx utilize’s TiO2 (Titanuim Dioxide), which assists with cleansing the environment.

It removes the pollution in smog on contact, and the resulting harmless precipitate accumulates and washes away in the rain. This means that by using the Universal Roofing waterproofing system, not only are you keeping your home or business leak free and cool in the summer. You are also breathing in cleaner, healthier air.

How do you book for a quote?

Booking an inspection and free quotation could not be easier with Universal Roofing. Simply fill in this contact request form  and one of our highly trained booking agents will be in touch to set up a site visit meeting at a convenient time for you.


A friendly consultant will arrange a convenient date and time for a representative to meet you on site for a free inspection. No delays – once your quotation is signed and e-mailed back to us, your order will be allocated to one of our professional maintenance teams. We have over 60 vehicles in our fleet, and approximately 2km of ladders!